Jencol is a multipurpose website

Its functionalities are:

  • Music page
  • Blog page
  • Photo gallery page
  • Ticket selling page
  • A contact page

In addition to the features listed above it comes with a subscription form; its a boost to a buisnes to advertise its products to customers in its email listing.

The blog page has a funtionality to sort and filter blogs according to their categories and filters, a search section.

In the Contact Us page, the site gives a description of the buisness to explai to visitiors the activities conducted.


In addition:

The site has an admin dashboard to control the activitieso f the website (uploading content; blogs,music,event tickets, photos to the gallery), monitor activities i.e

website visitors, blogs read... a help support section on how to use the site, and a chat section with the Developer George Wuz.

The site keeps on recieving updates, to ease its accesibility and give it more functionality.

Updates of new versions are free of change.